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Green Up Day

Welcome Family Open House, 4:30pm

First Day of School! School closes at noon.

Welcome to The Bellwether School!

Bellwether is an exciting place. For students, it’s a place that honors their unique learning journeys and invites exploration, inquiry and reflection. For teachers, it’s a place that allows them to teach with vigor and intensity while enjoying a playfulness and improvisation that many schools seem to have lost sight of. For families and friends, it’s a place that celebrates relationships and community - one whose doors are always open.

Our website is a virtual extension of Bellwether, designed to both educate those who seek to learn more about us and holistic education and to support thoughtful, dynamic communication within and beyond the School community.  We hope this site helps to promote a deep understanding of the unique education we offer at Bellwether where we are guided by our mission to create a community that honors student voice and nurtures engaged citizens. I also invite you to learn more about holistic education in an interview with me here.

So, whether you are new to holistic education or are already a Bellwether family, I invite you to look around. I hope you discover not only the information that you are looking for, but the spirit of our learning community as well. 

Debbie Millon
Head of School



We're Hiring!!

We are seeking a CoTeacher for our Primary Classroom (K/1). This position is expected to be 60% FTE. Please click on EMPLOYMENT to read the job posting and to learn how to apply!

Inviting candidates for our Board of Directors

The Bellwether School invites candidates for its Board of Directors. If you, or you know someone who, would like to be considered for the Board, please send the candidate's name and contact information to Our Nominating Committee will follow up!