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For over 25 years, Bellwether has inspired learning while filling the hearts of its community members with hope, love, compassion, and so much more.  When you give to Bellwether, you ensure that future generations will be honored, empowered, and invited to change the world.


Tuition does not cover the full cost of educating a Bellwether student. The Board of Directors strives to keep tuition as affordable as possible so as to have the most diverse student body enriching all of the students’ experiences. To do this the school must rely on other sources of revenue. A successful independent school must rely on a strong commitment from its entire community.

Ignite the Passion!


Every donation to Bellwether contributes to an educational experience that inspires children to learn more, discover their passions, and flourish in the community.


Gifts to the Annual Fund ensure the excellence of a Bellwether education every year by supporting our outstanding teachers and rich program.

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