Welcome from the Head of School

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The heart of Bellwether is its teachers and students, and the families that value and trust in the unique educational experience that happens here.  Karen O'Neill Thomson joined us as our new Head of School for the 2021-2022 school year.

From Karen O'Neill Thomson:

Welcome to The Bellwether School where students collaborate, create, and have the opportunity to be and become who they are. Teachers encourage students to consider options, try different strategies, to think about problems in new ways, and to trust they are valued as part of a community.

We believe that learning isn’t a one-way path. Our students delight in inquiry and gain strength and knowledge from setbacks and successes alike. They see themselves as learners and as teachers. Bellwether’s hands-on curriculum encourages experimentation. Through planned daily exploration, teachers carefully see what interests emerge and design lessons to joyfully engage students as they pursue long standing interests, as well as find the magic in unexpected discoveries.

Equally important is the intentionality of how we interweave academic concepts with social emotional learning and an active commitment to inclusion and diversity. We are devoted to making sure as students grow intellectually, they also become increasingly self-aware, build relationships with others and continually strive to improve their community and the wider world.

Our purpose and values influence everything we do, from how we teach math and the way we schedule our classes, to the kinds of activities students engage in at recess and how we plan our learning spaces.

We not only prepare our students for the next step in school – we prepare our students to have and use their skills, talents, and passions to make a positive difference.

We love asking questions and questioning answers. Everyday we renew our commitment to improving our school, ourselves, and the world around us. If this sounds like you and your family, we hope you will consider joining us.

Thank you for visiting our website. We truly believe that learning is rooted in relationships, and look forward to hearing from you.




Getting to Know Karen

Karen O'Neill Thomson sits down and talks about her journey as an educator. Click on the video below to hear from our new Head of School in her own words.


What did your journey to education and The Bellwether School look like?