2020-2021 Board of Directors 

Marta Beede

Former Bellwether Head, Parent of former student

Marta came to Bellwether in 2003 as the school’s first Director and also experienced Bellwether as a parent, when her stepdaughter was a student in the Elementary 2 program. She is currently the Founder and Director of Thrive Educational Advising Group, LLC., where she provides educational advising services for all aspects of independent school and college admissions, in general educational planning, and college counseling services for Vermont Commons School families. Marta continues to enjoy working with students directly in the classroom and has taught in the Vermont State Colleges system for ten years. Her close connections from her time at Bellwether inspired her to give back to the school that cemented her love for and belief in progressive education.

"I have been witness to the power of a Bellwether education, where the holistic and strength-based approach has been the spark that ignites learning for so many students, allowing them to step into who they are and develop a longstanding love of learning. I am forever grateful for the teachers and families I had the privilege to work with and welcomed the opportunity to come back in a different capacity to support Bellwether's ongoing growth and important role in our community."

Morgan Donohue, President

Parent, Board Administrative Liaison

Morgan is a content writer who has written for Metropolis Magazine, BroadwayWorld.com, and Mother.ly. When she isn’t writing articles for various outlets she is developing online content for real estate, architecture, and interior design clients. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading books, kayaking, and building intricate Lego sets.

"Bellwether is a community that acknowledges and welcomes every person for who they are. It’s not just the students who are embraced at Bellwether, but the parents, and extended families. This authentic welcome is what builds the community that is at the heart of Bellwether."

Bethany Gibbs

Parent, Fundraising Committee, Donor

Bethany has been part of the Bellwether Community for nine years. She has one daughter who went to Bellwether from Primary through E2 and another daughter who is a current student in E2. She sat on the Board of Directors at ECHO, is currently on the Board of Trustees of the Vermont Commons School where she serves as the Vice Chair, and is in her fifth year on the Bellwether Board. Bethany and her family love to take advantage of Vermont in all the seasons - they love to mountain bike, hike, rock climb, paddle board, kayak, ski, snowshoe - anything that can get the energy out of their four-year-old husky, Bodhi.

"Bellwether provides a different way of experiencing school that very much aligns with our family values. I hope by taking advantage of the opportunity to be part of this community and give back, it will enable more families a chance to experience what a progressive education can do for them."

Jenn Lauder

Former Bellwether Teacher

Jenn is a lifelong educator who has worked in schools, nonprofits, and the herbal products industry. Her time at Bellwether was the foundation of her teaching career, and she has since taught at progressive schools such as The Park School of Baltimore and City Neighbors Charter Network. Jenn is currently the Director of Marketing and Advocacy at PDX Aromatics and joins meetings remotely from Portland, OR. She enjoys hiking, biking, yoga, cooking, and reading, and can sometimes enlist her 13-year-old daughter to join her in those activities.

“Bellwether lives its ideals. Child-centered learning, student agency, self-direction, joy: these are not just philosophies. At Bellwether they are practices and habits of mind. I’ve never known a place that so respected children on their own terms, and I’ve not since met children who loved their school so much.” 

Jessica Liggett, Secretary


Jessica's bio coming soon!

Jen Winegar, Treasurer

Parent of former student

Jen spent 18 years in various Finance and IT roles at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (now Keurig Dr. Pepper) before leaving to join Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC) as a Finance Business Analyst. GMHEC is a non-profit organization and its membership currently consists of three local colleges. Jen's hobbies include flower gardening, knitting, and soap-making.

"Bellwether was there when we needed it and I hope to help it continue to be there for many years to come. It is a place of unique learning opportunity, for students as well as parents."

Angie King, Staff Representative

Bellwether Teacher, Parent

Bellwether teachers serve rotating terms as non-voting members of the Board of Directors. Our Staff Representative this year is Primary Teacher, Angie King. Learn more about Angie here.