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Our School > Welcome

The Bellwether SchoolFounded in 1995, The Bellwether School is a holistic education school for children ages 3 to 12. We have four multi-age classrooms: Preschool Program - ages 3-5; Primary Program - K/1st grade; Elementary I Program - 2/3 grade; Elementary II Program - 4-6 grade.

We support our students by developing and being responsive to each child’s intellectual, social, emotional, artistic, physical, and spiritual growth. We draw forth the intrinsic motivation of the individual so that learning becomes an interactive process that values imagination, creativity, and joy. Most importantly, our teachers employ holistic education to build relationships, foster critical thinking skills, and allow students to navigate and construct their own learning.

The word "bellwether", in days of old, referred to the sheep that "wore a bell and led the flock". In modern times, the word has come to mean an "indicator of future trends" or "a concept or person that takes the lead." The Bellwether School strives to be a leader in early and middle childhood years by drawing selectively and creatively from the best approaches and practices developed by leading progressive educators, past and present. The holistic educational program at Bellwether aims to help young people cultivate their inner resources for living in an increasingly complex and challenging world - in essence preparing them to be world citizens. The Bellwether School is grounded in established progressive education traditions that are child-centered, experiential, project and inquiry-based, and place an emphasis on the learner's relationship with his/her world, on whole child development, and individualized and developmental learning.